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A good Radiator shop should be able to order a honeycomb type core, I

would call a few shopes until you find one, If you can't American Radiator

in the city of San Fernando ( Sylmar ) California , Can do the job for you

they are going to re core my 1919 Essex with a honeycomb .. my little

repair shop has been doing business with them for the last 5 years, and they

do a good job with the older and Hudson radiators If you call them tell

them that Ken Perkins sent you and they will take good care of you. there

phone number is 818- 362-0164 and ask for Mike

Hope that this helps you out .. I saw a model T Ford radiator with

brass tanks with a honeycomb core that they did. Hudsonly, Ken Perkins

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> Hi- Would anyone have a source to recore my 17 radiator. There are local

> shops that can use modern type material, but I'm interested in keeping

> it original with the honeycomb type. Thanks, Gene



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