Honeycomb Radiator Core

This radiator situation in the '26 Coupe has bedeviled me for several

years. I found NO local shop that could work with these old cores or recore

them for anything like a reasonable price. I bought a used radiator from the

east coast, it turned out to be bad, and that was the last straw. I had it

recored with a 40s style ribbon semi-honeycomb. The whole fiasco set me back

$900 by the time I was done. Now I will have a nice new radiator when the new

motor finally arrives.

The very week I picked up the recored radiator from the shop, I stumbled

across a place called "The Filling Station" in a search for stuff for my '51

Chevy Truck project. They claim to be able to supply a new honeycomb core in

any dimensions required for a reasonable price. I could just scream! To view

there radiators point your browser at:


The '29 has a modern radiator that I am less than happy with so maybe

when the '26 is done we will give "The Filling Station" cores a try.

Paul O'Neil, Hudson29@aol.com

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