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I am making some enquiries about having some new oil pump springs made. Our

club has

used all they had. Will need to have at least 10 made to get a decent price.

Is anyone else over

there interested? I could send them to you for onward distribution. Will

keep you posted.

To check the oil pump plunger return spring remove suction (lower pipe) and

the outlet pipe to gauge. Undo the three 1/2" AF nuts. Carefully break the

seal on the oil pump and withdraw the pump from the housing. Be careful NOT

to turn the pump upside down, otherwise the ball bearing will dislodge from

its seat on the suction side of the pump. This bearing acts as a non-return

valve to stop oil draining back to the sump. Withdraw the plunger from the

pump and check the inside dia. of the coils. The spring is a tapered spring

and locates inside the oil pump casting, it has a tendency to touch the

casting and wear flats on the inner side of the spring with the possibility

of failure, causing the pump to fail. Replace spring if necessary.

To reassemble, reverse the above. Fill plunger cylinder with engine oil

before re-assembly

A new gasket should be fitted at this time. Be careful that the ball bearing

is located on its seat, otherwise if it becomes caught in the plunger

cylinder serious damage can occur.

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