Re: [HSS] More on the Oil Pump - Suction Pipe

On many of the Hudson Super 6 cars I have seen over the years the suction

pipe has been replaced and has not been made as per the original pipe.

Refering to pictures of the engine in the Hudson Workshop Manual 1926 and

the '27 Supplement the pipe can be seen clearly. The pipe should rise above

the oil pump and then drop down to the oil pump fitting. This is to prevent

the oil in the pipe returning to the sump if the ball in the oil pump is not

sealing properly. It also means that the pump is always primed ready for

operation. The pump will still work with the incorrect pipe but why not make

it as per oringinally designed? Also make sure that you use a small bracket

to support this pipe at the top of the raised section below the distributor.

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