Alemite "Pin Fitting" Grease Gun Quest

I actually did something constructive: Called my local Alemite

distributor and ordered P/N VB-942 end for my grease gun. It is a

replacement for the normal 'zerk' end on the business end of a grease

gun and fits the old "pin fittings". Cost is yet to be determined

but a 1992 catalog listed it at around $27. Two week delivery time

from the Alemite factory. An obvious use would be either to put it

on the end of the grease gun pipe or hose OR to screw a zerk fitting

into it (1/8 NPT threads, female) and make the elusive "adapter".

The VB-942 has "wings" (no comments please) that make turning it to

secure it to the stationary pin fitting a bit easier but it comes

either with or without (I ordered one of each and forgot the part

number of the "non-wing" model but I THINK it was 504511). We shall


Greezy Hudsonly,

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