1927 Hudson brake return springs


I am trying to locate brake return springs for my '27 Hudson Sedan.

I am told 27 and 28 are the same. My Hudson is an early '27 and I

require two springs on each of the four wheels. (Some that I spoke

with were under the impressions that the early '27 only had brakes on

the rear wheels.)

Does anyone have any extras they would be willing to sell or can any

of you please send me in a direction I might find some springs. The

demensions are as follows:

spring #1. Primary spring: part # 29217

overall length,4 5/8"

spring coil length, 2"

outside diameter, approximately 5/8"

(Regular curved hooks at both ends. Each hook is offset from each

other on the horizaontal plane by about 45 degrees.

spring #2. Secondary spring: part #29218

overall length, 6 3/16"

spring coil length, 3"

outside dieameter, approixmately 5/8"

(Regular curved hooks at both ends. Hooks are not offset on the

horizontal plane. They are the same at both ends.)

Note: The two springs listed are the same for each wheel.

I apologize for not uploading the files, but after about 10-12 times

of trying to do so, I gave up.

Anyway, I appreciate if anyone could help. Let me tell you where and

who I have checked with thus far.

Pep Boys


Hardware stores


Auto Zone

Misc. spring companies

Bill Allbright

Pete Booz

Paul O'Neal

Jack Smith (Jack said he would crawl through his bone yard, if I

couldn't find someone with springs.)

Carl Weber per Pete Booz (Carl is checking)

Walt of Walt's garage. (Still checking)

Trying to get hold of Ashton Sherwood

Trying to get hold of Dave Kostansek

Thanks, Rick

PS I would have never guessed it would have taken this type of

search just to try and find some brake springs!
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