Re: [HSS] Valve rocker lubrication.


Parcel arrived safely, the cheque is in the mail........truly!!

Your request for springs has been noted.

As I am unable to find these Hyatt bearings I am replacing the rollers in

the existing Hyatt bearing cage. You have to use a 1/8 or 3/32 drill and

then drill the indents on each side through into the roller. You should be

able to carefully punch out the old roller without distorting the cage. Then

clean up hole by drilling completely through the indent and remove any burrs

etc. Then obtain

36 (6 rollers per cage) -1/4" ( .250") dia x 3/4" long precision diemakers

hardened dowel pins. These cost me $A30 for 40. You should be able to get

these from an engineering supply company. You will then have to grind these

to .665 long, and add a 1/32" chamfer to each end. These rollers will be

loose in the cage but it doesn't matter because they are captive in rocker.

I have measured the old rollers at .249 dia, I don't know whether this is

wear or the original size, maybe they allowed .002" clearance. You may have

to polish the 9/16 bolt down a .001 or so to obtain the correct fit. So

don't throw the old Hyatt bearings away.

Hope you can understand this, I like this idea better than bronze bushes,

though the bushes would work ok.

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