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If you can wait, there's some of us trying to get some really beautiful

mascot repros made (I think; are we Chris Purdum?). There is one currently

available, but much of the detail is missing. We're also working on the

crankhole cover as these are impossible to find.

Door handles are a bit easier, though I currently don't have a source for

the ones you need. My buddy Jeff White in Utah has 2 1928 landau sedans.

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Date: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 2:32 PM

Subject: [HSS] Re: Identify this car?

>Robert, well spotted about the mascot!

>My wife tells me that the mascot was always known to be wrong. Anyone know

>where I can get a proper one? I could also do with some exterior door

>handles to replace the roughly casted ones on the car.






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