get a scanner for the lit.?

Guys - John Lawton suggested to me it would be easier on the lit. &

more lasting (as lit. would be a "site") if I could scan it & "post"

it. Having no knowledge of how one goes about doing this, after

buying a scanner, will look into it as I can see the advantages of


I was told I should buy a "zip drive" (whatever that is, LOL) as well

as the scanner too - if any of you have any advice on make, model,

etc. I'd appreciate it. Is there a book I could buy on how you set

up a site to post the info to etc.?

I recently bought a Dell Pentium III with W. 98, etc. so have a PC

big enough to do it (I guess?) & just got a brochure from them that

inc. several scanners they were offering (Hewlett-Packard I believe).
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