Re: [HSS] get a scanner for the lit.?

Lew's start some realtalk!!! Pete. Zip drives are old andexpensive technology. We reciently removed all of them from our huge . computer operation. THe problme with them is really the cost and the portability. We changed over to CD writers. Why? well, fist off the capacity of a zip cart. is about the same as the capacity of a CD. A CD writer cost about the same as a zip drive...but here are the 2 advantages. A writable CD disk costs about 1.00 compared to about 20.00 for a zip cart. The CD can then be used by anyone who has a standard CD reader on their computer (just about any computer sold in the last 3 years) So cost is a lot less in the long run. You can trade information between everyone mail the disks etc. NO special equipment needed by the reader.

The last obsticle whic has been overcome was the aboility to rewrite CD's. THis too can be done with the ourchase of the special CD-RW (CD -re-writabel Disk) The can be bought just about anywhere for about 2:00 each. So now ther is no advantage to ZIP drives and a whole bunch of them for CD-R's.

Also, ther is a rumor in the industry that IOMEGA is going to stop support on the Zip's, WHO KNOW'S

Scanners... boy is there a l;ot of different ideas on this topic. Buy a brand name. You need a high res. scanner. The cost between a cheepie and a hi res. one is only about $20.00. NOt worth scimping!

The software is everything. It is what makes the thing tick. Make sure that it is more text orientated than graphc

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