Overdrive Question

State of Affairs:

'28 Hudson with Stewart Warner overdrive, apparently added after

manufacture. Car is presently running on 12Volts. No idea if O.D.

solenoid has been converted.

Controls are:

(a) T-handle (marked Overdrive) Plunger with "in" and "out" position

(assumed that "out" means O.D. disabled) and (b) A switch that is

supposed to control engagement of O.D.

The problem: Freewheeling seems to be active all the time (meaning

the car freewheels going downhill...not exactly what I want it to do)

and I cannot exactly determine if O.D. is engaged. All this is

regardless of the position of the Plunger (a) and the Switch (b). I

feel that the acceleration in 3rd gear is a bit sluggish and suspect

that O.D. is active regardless of the position of the controls.

Diagnosis or Diagnoses or even suggestions for the next step???

Thanks a bunch. By the way, I just received a June 1928 edition of

"Hudson Super-Six Parts List" with cutaway views and parts names and

Hudson Part Numbers (for whatever it is worth)and I will be happy to

share this if anyone wants/needs it. By the way, since my Overdrive

was aftermarket, it is not shown.

Tom Goodman
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