Re: [HSS] Overdrive Question

Tom Goodman wrote:

> State of Affairs:


> '28 Hudson with Stewart Warner overdrive, apparently added after

> manufacture. Car is presently running on 12Volts. No idea if O.D.

> solenoid has been converted.


> Controls are:


> (a) T-handle (marked Overdrive) Plunger with "in" and "out" position

> (assumed that "out" means O.D. disabled) and (b) A switch that is

> supposed to control engagement of O.D.


> The problem: Freewheeling seems to be active all the time (meaning

> the car freewheels going downhill...not exactly what I want it to do)

> and I cannot exactly determine if O.D. is engaged. All this is

> regardless of the position of the Plunger (a) and the Switch (b). I

> feel that the acceleration in 3rd gear is a bit sluggish and suspect

> that O.D. is active regardless of the position of the controls.


> Diagnosis or Diagnoses or even suggestions for the next step???


> Thanks a bunch. By the way, I just received a June 1928 edition of

> "Hudson Super-Six Parts List" with cutaway views and parts names and

> Hudson Part Numbers (for whatever it is worth)and I will be happy to

> share this if anyone wants/needs it. By the way, since my Overdrive

> was aftermarket, it is not shown.


> Tom Goodman


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This is not an "After-market option" but something someone has adapted

into the transmission some considerable time later, as this type of

overdrive did not become generally available until after WW11. the

overdrive is definitely engaging, as freewheeling is locked out once o/d

is engaged. Check that the govenor switch is actuating the relay by

jacking up the back wheels and running the car above 30 m.p.h. in top

gear. If not, check that the bowden cable allows the contact switch to

close, it may not be going all the way in. Manually close the relay

contacts, you should hear the solenoid clunk in. You will need to find

out what model overdrive you have to be able to trouble shoot it any


Geoff Clark.
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