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The recent barrage of literature messages shows that a lot of us have an

interest in such material. I like the CD idea, but this imposes a lot of work

on one individual and a copy needs to be made for each requester. It seems to

me that a Hudson Super Six Webpage is what we really need. This would spread

the workload by allowing all of us that have collected some interesting bit

to share with all interested parties, for as long as the page stays up. I

would like to have all Hudson material extant from whatever source available

online eventually. I have some nice sales brochures to share, for example. As

individual we could download what we like and "burn" our own CDs.

This list could be an adjunct to such a page, but the page should be far

more than our little "Files" section could ever be. We have a number of folks

with impressive computer knowledge and skills, would any of you care to

explain what would be required to get going on this? I would like to start,

but need to know some very basic things like: Does the page "live" on my hard

drive or somewhere else? How are they financed? Many seem to have advertisers

paying the freight.

If you have something to say about this please don't be shy. It seems

like a great shining dream right now, but far more ambitious projects are

already up and running.

Paul O'Neil,

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