steering mount

Every now and then I do something good. I supplied the original from which

the copy was made. Perry spring's 29 got the first one off, I got the 2nd.

It's a difficult piece to make as the top of the steering column is actually

tapered. But those original ones really snap apart quickly.

The machine shop in Oregon has all the data in their computer, so they can

punch one out anytime they're needed. Richard Morton, the guy who's

restoring Perry's '29, is the contact guy. Once again, his number is

541-988-9586. He had some other shop apply some sorta industrial strength

protective coating; the whole thing looks like chrome.

He also had a guy knock out some repro splash aprons for Perry's car, and

some inner body panels for my that tray which is inside

the rear bottom of the coupe body, the very back of the body section which

rests on the frame; you'd see it if you open the rumble seat and look toward

the inside back of the body; that body part fills with water and rusts away,

yet it gives the whole rear body section its strength; these guys made one

for me which looks like NOS, 'cept they made it outta thicker gage steel.

That work was quite impressive. You see, it rains all the time in Oregon, so

guys get bored, stay inside, and make really cool car stuff.

Here's something someone could make. The ends of the steering arms (tie rod

ends) were wrapped with leather collars. Has anyone ever made these?

What about the thick rubber bumpers which were placed on top of the front

springs, held in place with leather straps, and would prevent the spring

from crashing into the frame if you drove the car off a cliff and really

pushed the axle up (I don't see any other way to get the spring to move that


You know that little stove bolt on the floor which is a foot rest next to

the gas pedal? That's supposed to have a rubber cover on it.

Anyone replacing the roof on their '28? Did you know that at the top of the

windshield body post, where the wood header rests on the body, Hudson used

to put one of those "universal" rubber door bumbers and slip it into the

hollow windshield support post.

Around the pedals and steering column there's supposed to be a thick felt

gasket to keep out drafts.

OK, time to tune some pianos


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>Bob drops this little gem:


><< I have in my hand a reproduction aluminum one-piece mount for the

>wheel of a 28 or 29 Hudson. It's beautiful!!! This is the large mount which

>holds the steering wheel to the column. I had the repro made in Oregon.

>These mounts have a tendency to crack and fall apart at really inopportune

>times. >>


> Gee Bob, I have a '29 that has a cobbled together and rather sorry

>looking replacement. This is very good news.


>Paul O'Neil,

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