High Dome Carriage Bolts for Wood Wheels on 27 Hudson

Good day,

I'm in the prcess of restoring my '27 Hudson sedan. I'm currently

working on the wood wheels.

I took the 'high dome' carraige bolts (7/16 x 2 1/2) off of the wood

wheels and discovered the bolts were stretched. I tried cleaning the

threads by using a thread cutter, but there seems to be just to much

slack between each of the bolts and nuts.

I would like to find new replacements, but so far, I havn't had a

whole lot of luck. If I can't find replacements for them, I'll have

to settle for regular carriage bolts.

I am asking for your advice:

Should I replace the bolts with the 'high dome' type which, so far, I

haven't been able to locate, or should I just go ahead to my local

hardware or automotive store to replace them with the current style

carraige bolts which do not have the 'high dome' shape? Does it

really matter which type of bolt

Please advise what grade I should use?

Any other suggestions.

Thanks, Rick Gatling
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