29 H tech. "stuff"

For John, Tom, et al:

From the A.E.A (Auto. Elec. Assoc.)"Standards of Adjustment Issued

Jan. '35" for the '29:

Spark plugs: size 18 m.m., orig. equip. AC G-10, gap .025

Distributor: A-L IGA-4058; pt. gap .018 to .020 (after 1000 mi. use)

.020 to .024 (newly installed)

condenser: A-L IG-1298; capacity .20 to .25 mfd.

manual advance: 14 degrees (dist.); auto. adv.- semi auto. 18

degrees at 1600 rpm (max. adv. to dist. degrees at dist. rpm)

Coil: A-L IG-4065

Ignition timing: "Use Timing Lamp - Breaker contacts to open for No.

1 Cylinder when punch mark on flywheel (3 teeth before "DC 1 & 6

mark") is opposite timing pointer. Manual spark control fully


Starting Motor: A-L MUA-4001

Generator: A-L GAB-4008

Max. output safe setting: hot - 12.5 amps. 8.0 volts at 1550 rpm

of generator

cold - 14 to 16 amps 8.0 volts at 1300

rpm of generator

"(These readings taken at generator. Readings at ammeter on

dash will be approximately 2 amperes lower")

Cut-out relay: A-L CB-4014 (closes at 7 to 9 volts at545 to 625

rpm; opens at .5 to 2.5 amp. discharge).

Brush spring tension - 16 to 24 oz. (all brushes).

Valves: hot, int. .004, exh. .006

timing: "Inlet valves open 7 degrees or 2 1/2 flywheel teeth,

or .019" piston travel after top dead center"

Carburetion: Marvel VB (No. 10-724)

Idle adj. - air screw Idle at 5 to 7 mph; turn clockwise to richen

Fixed Jets: high speed Part # 49-160-C-28

low " " " 47-160-A

intermediate H.S. - # 49-180-E-24

metering pin - 84-090-C

float level is 19/64" "Measure from top of float chamber to top

of float with float held in closed or top position".

Hope this will "cover all the bases",
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