Re: [HSS] 1919 Model O Engine trouble wrote:

> I have a crack in the inlet tract on the block of my 1919 model 0 has

> anyone any experience of repairing this block?

****Where exactly is this crack? I understand the '19 models have a

passage between the centre cylinders from the carburettor.

> Can I get gaskets readily for this engine?

**** Olson's Gaskets, ( should have them.

If they don't I can get them here for you @ $70 each.

> I have anoil pump, belt driven from behind the water pump, is this

> correct? It appears to feed what visually looks like the plunger pump

> as fitted to my 1913 Huson model 37 (Continental engine) but this is

> sited below the distributer housing.

**Doesn't sound right. Oil pump is below and in front of the

distributor, driven off the same shaft by a skew gear.

> Is there available literature for this model.

I have the book "What you should know about your Super Six." 60 pages,

can photocopy for you.

> Lastly on the head / block there are two large water holes which had

> been obscured by some illfitting copper plates, my car lived in

> Canada could this have beena climatic fix or is there a right or

> wrong to their presence?

**These holes should be blocked off in all Super Sixes, otherwise most

of the water will circulate through them instead of the other smaller

holes around the block, leading to localised overheating. They were

for casting puroposes, and the parts books list special washers for

putting in these.

> Any other useful tips whilst rebuiding?

Not specifically, but do keep in touch with other members for help if


Geoff Clark. (N.Z.)

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