Re: [HSS] alum. bodied early 20s Hudsons


Due to lack of a body tag could be one of a

couple possiblities:

(1) Tag was not put on in the first place;

(2) Might have been a custom body made by

another shop - if the car was in the Wisconsin

area could have been a Chicago body maker;

(3) Or perhaps a Biddle & Smart body, but tag

was removed during a rebuild, or fell off at some

time or other.

To the best of my knowledge these limo bodies

were built by B&S in the 1920's, but I do not

know when production started. Buzz could be

right - this could well be a Hudson body for the

start and later farmed out to B&S. Where's

Butler when you need him.

Alex Burr

--- Pete Booz <> wrote:
> My friend Buzz, who just bought a '20 H touring

> limousine, took a

> magnet to the car. The entire body inc. roof,

> doors, windshield

> frame are all alum. - the hood & fenders are

> steel.

> I opine that it was made for Hudson by Biddle &

> Smart, he thinks

> Hudson built it. Does anyone know? There are

> no body tags on the

> cowl or firewall.

> From the firewall dash plate: "Model 12-0

> Car No. 82825" for

> anyone who is keeping a register of the Super

> Sixes or '20 Hudsons.

> After removal of seats, crawling under the car

> checking various

> things for wear, we conclude the 30 K on

> odometer the original &

> correct mileage on the car (most of the

> upholstery, if not all, is in

> exc. orig. condition inc. all the window

> shades).

> Most of the orig. tools under the RF seat in

> chauffeur's compartment.

> Buzz has taken it out for drives in the 24 hrs.

> since purchase &

> arrival home - it cruises along nicely in the

> 40-45 mph range, has

> exc. power going up hills, however goes around

> corners with great lean

> (he was told this could be attributed to the

> Westinghouse shocks

> which it has).




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