Is this a Scam?

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    Hi guys,

    In the last month or so I've had two emails like the one below, offering to sell me parts from a '29 Sedan (attached). From different names but the same car (which was also on Hemmings fairly recently).

    I went along with the first one for a while to see what would happen. He sent more photos - very poor quality - and quoted me $300 for the radiator shell and upper water manifold. I declined these because (a) the shell was no better than mine and (b) the manifold had obviously failed and was in two pieces! I asked him for a price for the three clips (just the three clips) on the spark plug cable tube that secures the Electrolock and oil line: he came back with $150! He had refused to give an address where the car/parts could be inspected and also refused to use PayPal. At this point I gave the game away - I think he's a scam artist, or looking to do a bit of identity theft.

    Then this morning I've had the conversation below.

    Both approaches came from an advert I'd placed on our local HET website.

    Any thoughts?

    Peter R.


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    Thanks for that prompt response , below is an attached picture of my

    1929 hudson , note i am wrecking the complete for parts , so all you need do now is to send me the list of all the parts that you need, so that i will know what is left on it and i will also need your complete shipping address to enable me have an ideal of what the shipping will be to your door step thanks.

    Hope to hear from you soon next.

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    > I'm looking 1929, not 1926. Do you have anything?


    > Peter


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    > Hello

    > I have 1926 hudson parts for sale in a sound condition , please send

    > me an email if you are interested , for pictures and price . please no

    > junks email thanks.

    > Have a nice day .