Clutch slipping, 1918 Hudson.

Ok, so we progressed last night to a drive out on the local roads with the intention of bedding the brakes in. What became apparent was that the clutch is slipping slightly and this prevented a longer run. The little I did left me impressed by how well the car steered, rode the bumps and shifted gear.

Today I had a look, hoping to find the pedal badly adjusted but the adjustment is not holding the clutch partially disengaged (there is a small amount of free movement) so I came to the conclusion that the spring must be weak or ? This is where I turn to others who may be able to offer some suggestions from their experience. Today I have stripped out the floor, propshaft, spedo drive, pedal assembly and taken out all the bellhousing bolts ready to drop the gearbox and get to the clutch. When I got the car it had no oil in the clutch, was this done deliberately to prevent it slipping at the expense of a shorter cork life?

The cork inserts looked ok though when disassembled some years ago.

Any ideas?

Kind Regards