1918 Hudson

So, good news, the clutch is ok now (hence the new subject title). I put an extra 5mm spacer behind the spring, a 50/50 mix of ATF and paraffin in the clutch. It wasn't without a bit of excitement, the clutch got put in the flywheel three times. First time trying and all the plates and springs dislodged. Second time I tied string around two of the columns to contain the plates and springs in a compressed position, great, then I put the gearbox up to it. Then I found one of the small clutch plate separation springs on the workbench so off with the gearbox, out with the clutch and then third time lucky I got it all in!

So having now driven the car more the following has come to light:

Rear wheels wobble, pretty sure its the rims on the wheel as the wheels appear to run true. Will have to unbolt them and retighten in a controlled way to keep them true.

Next, it does seem to overfuel and smoke even with the fuel lever in the next to bottom notch. Yet if I move the fuel lever to the bottom notch the car falters and wants to stop. From what I can see the float level is not adjustable.

Lastly it took some restarting at one of the stages when I stopped it, I got the impression it was flooded?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Kind Regards