My 29 Wood Spoke Wheel Balancing Gig

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    Evening everyone,
    Months back I asked how you guys did your wheel balancing. After some research and a bit of garage engineering

    I came up with a very cheap but fully functional balancer. I found a motorcycle bench top balancing tool for $29.95.

    Taking that I increased the wheel height to accommodate the taller Hudson wheels. Using 3/4" square tube stock (Home Depot or Lowes)

    Used 1 1/4" angle at the base to reattach the arms. I had to relocate the bubble an inch over to accommodate the angle mount.

    To hold the tire on the shaft I used laboratory large rubber stoppers from McMaster-Carr and tons of other places. You have to use a drill with an oiled bit to widen the stopper hole for the shaft. I kept it small enough to still be snug allowing for the stoppers to remain in  place as I snugged up the metal stops (original metal motorcycle hub centering pieces reversed to put their flat side against the rubber stoppers).