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    Hi Gordon,

    Outstanding! Looking forward to testing!

    One question, in your knowledge what operating case temp should consider maximum safe; if I monitor the back 1/3 area (brushes & commutator).

    I also was a bit confused at the difference of measured ohms versus measured current versus calculated current. For the first current reading I used a straight 5 A meter. That pegged. So I did the Simpson, old but reliable. In any case we'll see how your module performs.

    I belong to the 1916-1929 Hudson group ( and have been talking this modification up for a year or two. Now I'm proving my hypothesis. This mod keeps the original generator.

    Attached are some pics of my 29, its motor and dash. The seats are period incorrect and are now at upholsters being correctly done.

    Thanks for all the help,



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    Subject: Dynamo Regulator Shipping Notice

    Your dynamo regulator will ship today.  USPS tracking number is  9405809699937099414306
    Settings are documented in the back of the instruction manual. 
    Regulator was tested with 1 ohm field coil resistance.

    The regulator symptom you describe sound like sticking relay
    contacts.  Yes, our regulator uses low frequency PWM just like the
    mechanical ones.  Frequency varies with output voltage, and dynamo
    characteristics like field and armature resistance and inductance. 
    Frequency is typically 50 - 150 Hz.

    Let us know if you have any trouble or need any help.  Also, if you
    have any photos of the Hudson, we'd love to see it!


    Gordon Rudd

    Clover Systems