1918 Hudson Brake Drum

Just as I thought I was getting close to getting mobile with this car again, I find that one of the rear brake drums is cracked. Its the one on the side which overheated last year when I tried to use it. This brake drum is not an original one, at sometime in its past someone has used a section of large diameter tube, approx 2.5" wide and welded it to the face of the drum in the corner. Its the weld where the pipe was welded along its length when made which has cracked.

As these are the only brakes and I don't want to contemplate a failure in use I have taken it to a local specialise welding company to effect a repair, I have nothing to loose.

In case this doesn't work I can only think my other options are to either buy a good used one or machine one from a solid billet of steel.

My question to the group is has anyone got one of these to sell and/or has anyone ever had to contemplate a manufacture of a brake drum in the absence of a replacement? They are a simple construction from an engineering viewpoint.

Being located in the UK doesn't permit easy access to swap meets/autojumbles which have parts for cars made in the USA.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards