28 Electrical System Secrets

The only parts of the electrical system that are left in the car are the lights, starter, generator, distributor and coil. Everything else is gone, removed and probably in a box in someone else's garage. I want to start to put things back in a more-or-less original fashion. And so, it would be helpful to find pictures of correct car wiring. Meanwhile, the car seems to have some secrets.....

For starters, the electrical diagram has a junction block which mostly attaches to the missing Clum switch, and interfaces all lights and horn. I probably will use a repro junction block from a Model A Ford since it is the only thing available, then cut it as needed too make it the right shape and size. Can someone please tell me where it mounts, the dimensions, etc? A picture would be a great thing to follow as an example. Do the colors of wire count as important? Gauge of wire? The only thing I know is that it takes a 20A fuse.

I assume that this junction block is probably on the driver's side somewhere under the hood. The wiring from the left side and left front light would be fairly short. But the right side lights, how was the wiring run and tied down? I don't know if going across under the radiator is a good idea. The electrical diagram shows a connection point for the two side lights with one wire going to the junction block. Where was this connection point, and was this a smaller single point junction block? On the firewall somewhere, maybe?

Where does the brake light switch mount? I gotta have one. Can't fudge on this. It most probably is connected to the brake pedal, or pushed by it somehow. What does it look like? What would be a suitable replacement? In the 1928HudsonMechSpec.pdf there is an electrical diagram, but no mention of the switch part number or how or where it mounts. For all I know, it could be mounted near a rod or arm on the rear brake. Again, a picture would be helpful, but I wouldn't suppose that anyone wants to climb underneath the car this time of year. I'll do it if there is an available reference car out there somewhere.

I found a note at the end of the 1928HudsonMechSpec.pdf that says all cars were equipped with ElectroLock. And in the electrical diagram, I see an armored cable that goes to the distributor from the keyed ignition switch. Well, that cable was cut off at the back of the ignition switch. I suppose that it really isn't necessary and any old wire would functionally work, but how do I keep the car from being stolen? I don't have the key, so that has to be replaced anyway. Hot wiring would be very easy, because all you would need to do is to ground the terminal on the side of the distributor, and the ignition key is meaningless. Anyway, I don't think that there is any chance of finding these parts that lock around the distributor.

Apparently, the battery is supposed to be grounded to the frame of the car under the driver's seat, The object is to provide ground to the starter, generator and distributor body. Where is this supposed to be fastened? The engine, otherwise, need not be grounded since independent connections are supplied to the coil and distributor. Still, the distributor needs to be grounded somehow, and there should be a wire to ground somewhere since the distributor rotates against the engine to provide spark advance and does not make a good ground by itself.

Some help from all the expert mechanics out there would be greatly appreciated.
Tom Legbandt in New Jersey.