Sump Trough

I am determined this year to get some use out of my 1918 Super Six! All efforts so far have resulted in a catalogue of issues which had not been done correctly under earlier ownership. Farthest travelled so far is 5 miles!

I had noticed that after being stood for a while when started up the car would 'rattle' a little so suspected that an oil trough was loosing its content and starving the rod/main bearing. Dropped the sump this morning and the sump inner trough is a mix of brazed up corners, welded in new sections and pitted/ porous looking bottoms of troughs. The last two sections (cyl 5 and 6) had less oil in than the others so probably the culprits for the rattle. I sat the sump level and  filled it with 6 pints of oil so all troughs are full and am watching how much leaks away and where from but wondered if anyone had ever plastic coated or painted the inside of the trough to make it oil tight? It was leaking through to the sump within minutes as I have put a camera into the sump and can see it dripping/running so I have the chance to do something. But what?

Your help and guidance would be appreciated.

Kind Regards