Body Wisdom 28 Hudson

My car had been completely taken apart before I got it, so the body is unattached to the frame. All small parts, cables, wires, bolts nuts, screws, whatever, are lost, including the fuel gauge and sender (but that will be another question for later.)

So, I'm wondering what I should know about attaching the body when reassembling it. For the 1928 Hudson, was there a tar filled woven cotton tape between the body and the frame, perhaps? Someone suggested that. Or maybe asbestos or felt pads, or rubber pads, or rubber and steel washers? I think the early Dodge used that. Galvanized flat or washers with metal tubes, or what? Or maybe they used threaded clips? Is there anything special about the screws or bolts? How is it that they didn't vibrate out or loosen up and rattle? I don't have a clue what I need to do this the right way and there is a lot of different hardware out there.

Maybe a picture would help.

/Tom Legbandt