1924 Delco distributor

In Australia we still used Delco till at least 1926 because of the steering column. Today I pulled apart with the angle grinder 2 seriously rusted seized Delco 1924 distributors. I would like to replace the ball bearings in my good distrib. Was hoping to find brg numbers and learn how to strip a distrib to do so. Not covered in the manuals.

Has anyone done this already? 

The step brgs are very unusual. There is a small C clip on the top brg to hold it together. Bottom bearing  is held in place by the 2 "nuts" that are used for brg wear adjustment. Looks like grease is reqd to hold all the many loose small ball brgs during assembly. On the top shaft where the rota sits there is  screwdriver slot - I tried to unscrew it but it appears to be an unusual "bolt". 

Otherwise its a simple distrib. Have to replace all the insulated washers and tube.

I hope someone has been here before.

Im also trying to replace the 2 lower bronze bushes on the gear shaft to eliminate all wear that affects the points gap. Hard to find standard bushes. Appears I will have to make them. Barry