Hole in the Roof

The 1928 sedan roof had collapsed some years ago, probably from the weight of winter snow. While I do have most of the wood, it has shrunk from countless rains and can't be used as a pattern. This roof differs from most other period makes in that there appears to have been no metal rim structure, and instead uses lots of tacks. What I'm getting to is that the roof will be exceedingly expensive to repair, can't find anyone who does this except for one man in Oregon, and if finished, will be leak prone and not weather resistant. At one time, it was sealed with pegmoid, a rubber solvent solution plasticized with camphor and cured with added red lead. Modern substitute would be a vinyl cloth top and contact cement.


The alternative is to weld the roof shut install a drip edge over the doors, and never have to worry about this again. Is this too far out? Anybody who has done this to an antique car? in 1938, there were solid tops.