Steering Damper

They call New Jersey the Garden State, but its real moniker should be The Pothole State. I don't see how the roads will be derivable without a steering damper. And I don't see a steering damper or even any provision for one on my 1928. Am I missing parts? It's hard for me to believe that even a Ford was more advanced. With the badly patched and potholed roads, I don't see that it will be possible to drive more that 40 mph without the death wobble setting in unless I do something. At higher speeds this is very serious business

And I do know that some Hudsons, and other cars as well, had primitive shocks, but not my car.

I know this shimmy or wobble will happen because it happens in my 1986 Jeep. And with larger diameter tires inherently unbalanced on wood spokes, it can only be worse. Speed shop modifications routinely add steering dampers to their old car steering assemblies and offer mods as kits.

Has anyone added steering dampers to their Hudson?