Has anyone modified their old Auto-Lite distributor to one with electronic ignition, for example the Pertronix Ignitor Ignition System? My distributor, and also presumably yours, is IGA-4023, and Pertronix does not have a cross-reference for this distributor. I cannot believe that they fit into Dodge, Ford, Oldsmobile, Studebaker, Roles-Royce, etc. and not Hudson. Insulted I am...or should I be? It won't solve the problem of indeterminate timing because the distributor is rotated to an arbitrary advance position by a funky cable from the dash, and it won't solve the problem of no vacuum advance either. I really want a reliable way to ensure good performance and not carboning-up the engine. Pulling on a cable until it "sounds nice" is not the way to long term happiness.

Is there a solution other than replacing the distributor? Just asking for improvement.