Fwd: Engine Paint 29 Hudson

Had some luck with the engine paint for the '29.  Im not certain if the engine paint on my car is really the color that Hudson painted them as it looks really too good to be the original paint.  However, I needed to repaint part of the cylinder head and needed engine paint to match.  After many trials, I bought two cans of engine paint from KBS Coatings.   See:  https://www.kbs-coatings.com/engine-paint.html.  For my engine, I mixed two parts of the MG Green with one part of the Velvet Black.  The resulting color is very close to what was on the car.  On the attached photo, about half of the cylinder head that you is the original paint and half is the KBS.  The KBS is simply painted with a brush - a bigger brush for the bigger areas and a very fine brush for the little ones. 

The cylinder head had developed some rust spots over the winter.  These were interspersed over the head.  I just brushed off the rust with a dremmel and a little rotary wire brush down to the bare metal.  The tech support guys at KBS said I really did not need to prime, so I just painted the top coat and just one coat.  In the picture, the sheen of the KBS paint is a tad different from the original paint.  This sheen difference shows up way more in the photo than it does in real life.  It is very hard to tell when looking at the engine, just what was painted with the KBS paint and what was not.  The color match between the head and the valve train cover panel is actually quit a bit better in real life than in the picture as well.  

Incidentally, the tech support guys at KBS were really quite good and very helpful.  If your engine needs painting, this would be a good place to start.  I would recommend you avoid the metallic paints.  the colors on the metallic paints are nice, but the sheen is way different and the metallic bits really do not match well. 

So here it is - all buttoned up with all the exhaust leaks fixed.  Should be ready to roll.  Thanks for your help on it.