1929 radiator cap.

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I seem to have a glitch in my filing system, and have one new reproduction 12-sided Hudson/Essex radiator cap  which I cannot find who ordered.  (It's not Tom, his is in the post).   If this is you please contact me.   This a new casting, chrome plated and threaded, ready to install.  Also one set of pine-cone robe rail brackets.   If there are any of you out there who have ordered other parts from me and not heard from me please let me know.   Just to let you all know, I have moulds


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for 1928 window winders and door pulls,  1929  pine-cone window winders, door pulls,  robe rail brackets.  interior door handles, 1928 Essex radiator cap, 1929 rose pattern and 12-sided radiator cap,  Rose pattern 1929 outside door handles, winder winders and door pulls.   Also 1928-29 column support brackets.  The machine shop have CNC lathe programme to make 1928 Essex, and 1929 and 1929 Hudson steering boss.  The lead time for getting parts is several months, depending on how busy the foundry, machine shop, and chrome palters are.   Regards to all,

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