Carburetor Confusion

Almost all of the Hudson engine pictures show the carburetor pointed the opposite way from mine. Of course if it's wrong it wouldn't surprise me. The carburetor air intake is on the left pointing toward the starter. That puts the gas line on the right hand side next to the oil pump and distributor, making it a little tight with the air filter on the left, and the carburetor bowl directly over the generator. I don't think this is wise.

It's easy to change it the other way around, but the accelerator gas pump would be facing the engine which is a little hard to get to and the linkage would have to attach somewhere on the back of the carburetor. Right now the accelerator pump linkage is unconnected because it's badly worn and leaks anyway. Shouldn't there be a seal of some sort on the plunger?

I have a short piece of rubber tubing at carb connection. The engine runs ok so far (can't chassis drive it without wheels), but how is it supposed to go together? Just doesn't sit right with me. An authoritative

picture would be great.