28 Radiator Slats

I have the slats all out and apart making replacement shutter action top and bottom out of stainless steel channel and Delrin strip. (Does anyone need this while I'm in the machine shop stage, let me know,) The slats were originally painted a yellow primrose shade, same as the front and rear of the frame and the steering box, and some other areas. But the bottom radiator plate with the crank hole doesn't have any yellow on it. Under the aluminum spray paint, appears to be another metallic layer, with red copper oxide under that, as if it was a copper plate under nickel, maybe. Looks like it might have been nickel plate? Yes or No? I can have it plated it if that's how it should be. This Hudson will be very fine, eventually, regardless what the CCCA says.

And, I think there must have been something around the crank hole because there are two little bent tabs on the inner side. If someone could please send me a picture of what I'm missing, maby I could make the part.