To Chrome or Not to Chrome

My 1928 5 passenger Sedan with Hudson low class body originally had nickle plate on everything, I believe. Much of it is in poor condition now, however. What also came with the car, was two bumper slats looking like the type often found on the Victoria, but in chrome and in very good condition. They were attached with a bent coat hanger. There is no mounting steel front or rear.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago at the local AACA Eastern Div meet, was a 1928 Hudson roadster in yellow and orange with chrome everywhere, including the Pilot-Ray driving lights. Fancy stuff with a pole mounted search light on a glitzy car from the Hostetler's Museum. Oh, so much chrome, ooooh. Stunning, but chrome. I would not say that it looked period.

So, my question of some immediacy since I have sent things to a plater, is about the selection of chrome or nickle on my car. I would like to keep it as original as possible. However, whoever owned the sedan originally, did put a pair of trumpet horns up front under the headlights, they are nickle and in better condition that most of the car. Do I call that original? They definitely have been there for many years.

What would you do about plating, about the bumper?