Firewall plate identification - car number?

Hi all, 
I have just joined here ar I have just bought a Hudson. Well, almost a Hudson. Some of it I will have to find.
First things first. I think it is a 1928 Model S. The "car no." on the firewall plate is 34131.
If anyone can shed some light on the details, that would be great.
Thanks in advance.


  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    Yes, that would be in the number range for 1928.   Have you a picture?
  • No pictures yet. Won't be picking it up until in the new year. Can anything else be derived from the car no.?
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    No.  Only that it is a Model S, short wheelbase. 

  • Thanks Geoff. It is cowl and subframe on frame only with skirts and front and rear fenders/running boards. I guess it will be heading the street rod direction unless I can scare up a decent body.
  • Do you have a restorable engine? If so, you might still trudge onward to an almost original car. 

    I bought a 1928 S sedan, not realizing everything that was missing, broken, rusted  out, or just wrong. But it's almost all together now and will be running again soon. It's your choice, but save it if at all possible. You will me pleased at the results.
  • Hi @strangeplant .
    Parts hard to find as I am in Australia.
  • dholck
    dholck Expert Adviser
    Parts are hard to find and I'm in America.  You joined the forum; did you also join the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane club?  You have Geoff (above) right there across the Tasman Sea, and the club roster will show you other members in Australia. That will not make 1928 parts easy to find, but gives you some more support - you are not reaching everybody in the club on this forum. You can also advertise for parts in the club magazine, the White Triangle News.
  • barrysweet52
    barrysweet52 Expert Adviser
    I have been advertising Hudson parts for 1920 to 1947 for over 15 years and Im lucky if I sell one part a year. Dont have a lot of any year and no 1928. Sometimes you have to buy a complete car to get what you need. Drive interstate with a car trailer, then build a shed and racks to store the parts. You then have parts to swap. There are many places to advertise. Sometimes you have to re manufacture. There are ways. Happiness in the end will depend on the problems you solve or overcome.