Stuff with 34 Terraplane coupe picture on it
What was so interesting about this is that I just happened upon it on the internet - I had never heard anything about it.  So, my car is pictured on everything from face masks, coffee cups, throw pillows, shower curtains, etc., etc.
I guess if you call it "digital art," then you have no responsibilities to the owner of the subject material when you make money off of it.  The guy lives in our area and no doubt took the picture when my brother had the car out sometime.  It is quite obviously my car - from the slightly off-color powder-coated 16" rims (hard to get a match with powder) to the too thin pinstripes.
WAIT!  They are not even being sneaky about it - this fineartsamerica website only shows stuff with the side shots - the artist's website shows the front with my license plate!
Should I just be flattered?  Maybe others want their cars made into "art?"  The guy is in Stockton, CA.


  • 7XPacemaker
    7XPacemaker Senior Contributor
    That’s an interesting situation that you are in. I’m not sure what I would do. I am interested to hear what people have to say on this one!
  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser
    Pictures taken when a vehicle is in a public space are the property of the photographer.   Claims against the photos by the vehicle owner would most likely settled in court by a judge.  
  • bob ward
    bob ward Senior Contributor
    The details do vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Your facial likeness tends to be yours and yours alone and can only be used by others with your permission. Other than that, anything photographed in public is generally fair game and can be used without acknowledgement or attribution.
  • Beautiful car, kinda wish I'd kept mine,,,
  • dholck
    dholck Expert Adviser
    My plan is to go after this guy strongly ...with a big purchase.  Never really had any intention of any action, I was just shocked to find it.  He took the photos at a car show where my brother showed it.  The guy says profits are going to a charity - I'm sure he stands to make 10s of dollars in profits.

    MOST INTERESTINGLY; you can upload your image to that Fine Art America website and they will put your car (or whatever) on any of that stuff also - mugs, blankets (a blanket or pillow in your car with an image of your car!), yoga mats (got to be good for working under the car - padded 1/4" thick), etc.  Probably run-of-the-mill, but I was not aware this kind of thing was being done.