1929 Hudson Super Six Coupe project for sale

This is a project that I would love to complete but I'm moving and it's time to let it go. 1929 Hudson super six. Not an Essex. California car. Very solid rumble seat coupe. The doors that are on it are only half there but because of the rarity of these cars I bought them anyways. Maybe make some roadster doors? (The top does unbolt) But the body is almost cancer free. 1 silver dollar sized rust hole in the deck lid. Someone cut out the side mount from the driver's fender, but the rest of the fender is decent and the pass side is good.  Engine I would assume to be frozen but I have never tried to turn it. But it is complete. I have an extra transmission that goes through all the gears. 6 wire wheels. A few badges I've collected.  No headlights. Bill of sale only.  I'm into it for Just over $3k so if I can get my money back and it's not turned into a hot rod I would be a happy man.  If interested call 707 933 7129. Thanks -Nick. 


  • Where is the car located ?
  • Car is in Sonoma CA
  • Hans
    Hans Senior Contributor
    Nick here are the dimensions for a  29 Essex coupe door from Chris.
    Door is 43 3/4" High
            32 1/4" Wide
    Window is 27" Wide
    Window is 14" High
    Center of door handle opening is in the raised belt on the door 22 1/4" up
    from bottom of door.
  • Essex and hudson doors are the same 
  • Hans
    Hans Senior Contributor
    I suspected that was the case.   
  • Thank you Hans and Chris. Now I need some Essex doors if anybody has a few spares?
  • Hello Nick,
    Have you already sent this super six or not?
    Thank you