Hudson Shade brackets 1023

Does anyone have a source for the shade brackets on the Hudson sedans. Mine is a 1922 body. Were there any other cars of the same time period that had the same brackets?


  • These are not originals, but they will have to do for my 28. The only place that I could find suitable brackets was Snyder's Antique Auto Supply. They are listed under Model A/Doors at this link

    They are nickel plated. Let us know what you think.
  • I'll take a look.  I had castings made of the old brackets out of material dentists use to make partial dentures. Very very hard. Here is a photo of one of the old end brackets.
  • As far as I know, one end of the shade is a fixed pivot that rotates in a round bracket hole. The other bracket must have a slot that fits the shade end with the internal spring and ratchet. This second end must not turn in the bracket, else the shade spring ratchet does not wind, and the shade will never roll back up. This is how the shades worked since I was a young kid in 1950, and these shades had been around since 1889 when the house was built. They worked the same in the old cars we had.

    If both brackets are the same as the picture, the shades will never roll back up.
  • Yes you are correct the two end brackets are different.  I only showed one just so you would know the shape that I am trying to match. The ones for he Model T are very different. What makes these unique is the internal architecture of the hole that catches the rod from the shade to allow it to roll back up and put tension on the spring. Had the shades remade from a guy in Michigan but he had never seen end brackets like the ones used on the Hudson.