• Have to use hot water under the intake for that. That will depend on what intake you use 
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    I have a stock Twin H manifold and headers on my '54 and have not had any issues with driving or starting in cold weather.   One comment though on the ceramic coating, as noted in my prior post there are two types of ceramic coatings: 1) a ceramic "paint" type coating that will way outlast paint or chrome, or 2) a real ceramic insulating coating that keeps the heat in and not in the engine compartment.
  • Just picked this set of old long tube Clifford headers this weekend. Can’t wait to clean them up and hang in a rowdy 308. 
  • Dana got back with me today and like before the minimum order is 10 and like everything else the price has gone up.  $1300 plus shipping each is what we are looking at.  I know August of 2005 they were $750 each the first batch of 10 and the second batch in November of 2006 they were $850 each.  I remember how slow they were selling back then and how I would love to go back to those prices today.  

    I still haven’t got your measurements for the clearance on your filter Bruce but I will. 

    This is the ad my father had in the August/September 2005 WTN 

  • Yes we need a little better design header...i would be interested in a U Weld It  Header kit,in Long tube design....equal length would not be priority.....easier shipping i would think.  Hope it happens ...Thanks  !!
  • Andrew,  At $1300 approximatly, plus ceramic coating, The header is out of my spending range, sorry to say as they seems like a quality product!   I will try to post a picture of my oil filter set-up with a yard stick to show the clearance that I would need. 
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    Andrew, I agree with brumac2, if they were slow at $750 or so I can't imagine them at $1,300.  With Clifford headers as inferior as they may be at $439, it makes for some tough competition, especially since they fit both long and short wheelbase cars. A kit with pieces does sound like an attractive alternative.
  • In my book, sometimes the original is the best. I've had high end headers that weren't worth the price. I've had middle of the road headers that lasted longer than the car did and sounded even better with age.
    If I was buildings a show car, I'd go for all the bling. I'm building a toy for me, and 1300 is just too much. Even though they look great

  • Any chance of Clifford selling the patterns and/or jigs, tooling etc., if he isn’t going to make them?
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    You would need to check with Larry there.  He still has some in stock last I checked.
  • Next Friday, I'm buying my intake all the bolts and 4 barrel adapter. I spoke with Larry and he has everything. In .few weeks I'll get my headers from him. Then the cam and lifters 
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    Does he still sell cams?  He does not list them anymore.
  • He told me that he does. I'll send him mine to have it ground 
  • Andrew,  just for information, this is the .Hughs full flow oil filter set up on my 308 showing the horizontal clearance that would be required with any header set-up..
  • brumac2...Where u get that filter set up ?
  • I knew the price would go up being that it’s been 16 years since my father had the first set built.  The Clifford’s at $439 is $439 waisted in my eyes and I have a set of Clifford’s on my 49(bought in the late 70’s).  If they don’t fit over the studs and the flange isn’t perfectly flat and true then it is of no use.  That’s what started this whole thing was my father ordered a set of Clifford’s and they didn’t fit, sent those back and got another set and they were exactly the same.   

    Thank you Bruce for that pic with the dimensions but at this time the headers will have to get made by another source.  


  • I've been in the club and around Hudson guys for 47 years (since 1974), and I've learned in that time, that in general, Hudson people are..... thrifty, as a general rule. Andrew, I think that is a fair price for what you are offering. I have never seen a header for any make of car that is of better quality than the ones your Dad was doing. The fit and finish could not have been any better. If I was in the market for headers these would be my first choice. Otherwise, I would make my own. 
  • I didn’t want to say what I had thought of in my head because it wouldn’t change anything.  16 years ago who would’ve thought Hudson’s would bring 6 and even one 7 figure selling price?  I order customer’s pipes for their Harleys that are at a minimum $600-1500+ and now you can’t ship them to California so I end up building a set and they don’t have any idea the amount of time it takes to fab one up.  I really do hope everyone does complete their projects and gets these cars out on the road because there really isn’t anything better.  

  • bent metal
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    Andrew Silva, I don't know if I would give up that fast.  You need to sell ten, two have already been spoken for.  Not everyone gets on this forum, not every Hudson guy is in the club either.  There is a bigger audience than to make a decision based on just the forum replies.
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    Did the 6 into 1 header project go ahead?

    Dave Eddie
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    I've been in the club and around Hudson guys for 47 years (since 1974), and I've learned in that time, that in general, Hudson people are..... thrifty, as a general rule.( 54 Coupe)

    Holds true still , with some exceptions. Maybe only the Early Chevy guys are " thriftier"
  • dave11
    dave11 Expert Adviser
    I would be interested