White Triangle May/ June 2008

Wanted - White Triangle May/ June 2008 front cover has picture of Essex 6A No12 on Paris Peking 2007.
Am in UK.
Also looking for Dizzy cap and ign. points  for 6A can send pics. to identify.
Regards - RonPB


  • PaulButler
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    You a member of the club at all? If so then you can download a copy from the club library. If not ping me and I'll email you a copy

    Paul (UK based Webmaster for the club)
  • tombia
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    RonPB? you the fellow who has Andrew Fultons Essex?
  • onerare39
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    RonPB is not currently a member of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, what a perfect opportunity for a non-member to join and become a member!