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Just curious, has anyone installed a Ford rear end on a Stepdown?  I have access to a rear end from an old Lincoln Town car and considering installing it on my Super Six if it’s feasible.


  • I put an 8.8 from a 99 Explorer in my 54. They have an offset diff, and a long and short axle... We made the long side match the short side. It is now the perfect width, and I have a 3.55:1 ratio posi rear with disc brakes.
  • I'm dropping a ford 9" in mine now. 56" hub to hub, will likely add a small shim on each side to give it a better look.
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    Not sure about ford but seems like the other folks know it will. But I have been told that  60s Chrysler will fit. I believe 3.73 was it.
  • I used a 1973 Plymouth rear end with a 3.21 ratio. Hub to Hub @ about 56"
    3P30 - cast # 2652905
  • I have a 1938 112 2 door Sedan and I'm looking to change the rear end. I would like to use a 3.55 ratio and have been told that a Ford Ranger is a direct bolt in. Can someone confirm the year of the rear end I need.

  • I have changed rear ends in our '36, '40, 41, and '46 (pickup). In each one, I used a Ford 9" out of '57-8-9 Ford. The rear in your car is 60" wide at the wheel mounting surfaces. The rear I used is 57-3/4. I put a 1" spacer on each side to make up the difference. The spring perches are in the right place, the driveshaft bolts right up, and since they both use Bendix brakes, the Hudson emergency brake cables work too. Sorry, I don't know about the Ranger.

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    Long ago I used a Ford 1971 Cougar 9 inch rear incl. wheels 15 inch on my 1947 Pu with 3:50 gears (3:70 or so would have been better.) Ran a 1956 Hornet engine w/OD. - as 54 Coupe said. Gert