Stepdown glove compartment light

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Was a glove compartment interior light ever an option or standard feature on a stepdown ?     


  • BigSky
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    This was listed bulbs for my 54 Hornet.  There is a glove box light bulb listed & also a trunk bulb listed, so I’m assuming they were options. 
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    Thanks for the photo!  The "lamp bulb chart" for my '53 Hudson Owner Manual does not include a "glove box light."
  • It was an option.  You could buy a hood lamp, glove box lamp, and trunk lamp in a kit from Hudson.  I ended up with 2 out of 3 when I bought this box and installed them.  The original glove box lamp uses a mercury switch to turn it on and off.

  • The light shown at the top is this for trunk or glovebox as i had one included with car but do not know what it is for.


  • Light at top was for the trunk. Lower light is for glovebox.
  • Thanks
    Do u\you know where it mounts

  • RichardD
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    This is light in my '53 Hornet glovebox.

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    This has the Mercury switch on the door.
  • looks great very complicated for a simple switch.
    Any photos of trunk light mounting?
  • See below.
  • railknight
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    I recently installed the same type of glove compartment light switch in my '53 Super Wasp as illustrated by RichardD.  It took a little adjusting of the glove compartment door screws to get the switch to turn off when the door is closed and locked.  
  • Thanks for photo of trunk light.
    Now to hunt down a glovebox light.

  • Was there a similar mercury switch setup for trunk light?
  • No.  The trunk light used a simple plunger switch as depicted in my previous picture.
  • This came  with vehicle when i purchased it. Looks like a mercury switch on trunk light
  • Does anyone have any idea what this light would be from.