Hubcap Polishing

BigSky Senior Contributor
Has anyone had success doing this themselves?  If so what items did you use & from where?  Finally can 1954 Hornet hubcaps be polished up?  I assume they are stainless steel but not sure.


  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser
    I use a stand mounted motor to mount two different hardness buffing wheels.  Eastwood and others have stainless buffing compounds.  Yes the caps are stainless and will buff to a good sheen.   
  • They are stainless.   If you polish these yourself as I did, you will need a high speed buffer preferably 1/2 HP  spinning at about 3450 RPM's. You can buy mandrels to extend the shaft length as well as cotton and muslin buffs to do the polishing. The rouge you need will be black for roughing the stainless  to begin with and then green rouge for finishing the polishing. I use Jacksonlea but any good rouge will work just fine. Be sure to wear gloves as the parts will get hot from friction and hold onto them tightly. They will fly away if you don't with bad consequences. Good luck.