1942 Commodore Wheel seal numbers

1942 Commodore. I want to replace the front & rear wheel seals. 
Where do you get them? or are there number interchanges I can get locally?


  • To answer my own question and help other in the future.
    The front is a felt seal. It has a National number but doesn't readily crossover to any new number. 
    The rear Outer seals (the most critical) are leather. The original numbers must crossover to something, because I ordered a pair from Wildrick and he sends out a modern neoprene double lip seal. (no number on the seal) It fit perfectly. 

    I did buy a set of NOS front & rear seals on eBay, not cheap.

    After it was all done, I used the neoprene rear seals and reused the original fronts They weren't actually leaking, I was just going through the car to make it ready for long distance driving.