window channel install 53 Hornet sedan

I am looking for window installation documentation. Any Help would be appreciated.



  • 7XPacemaker
    7XPacemaker Senior Contributor
    Are you talking about installing the glass within the metal track? If so, I believe that I used rubber from Kgap (now Wildrick). I can’t remember what the thickness of the rubber was but I centered the rubber down the middle of the channel and used a soft faced mallet to tap the glass down into the channel.
  • No, I need to install the window channels that the glass slides up and down inside the door.

  • VicTor Z
    VicTor Z Senior Contributor
    Open Attached !
  • Thanks for your help and the pdf

  • Vic, did you use the Wildrick bottom setting rubber with this channel. My glass fit a bit loose in this channel.
  • VicTor Z
    VicTor Z Senior Contributor
    Fliptop,  the bottom setting channel I used was from a local glass shop.
  • okay


  • What is the technique needed to install rear door glass? I am not having any luck.

    I followed the method used in the 48-54 body service manual but still cannot get the glass into the channel.



  • VicTor Z
    VicTor Z Senior Contributor
    I wish I could help! I have to have mine installed at the local glass shop. 
  • HELP NEEDED, Glass Install Hudson Hornet


    I continue to have difficulty installing the rear door glass in a 1953 Hudson Hornet.  I have used the following reference material to attempt to achieve that goal. What I am I missing?

     Hudson body service manual 1948-1954

     DOOR GLASS-REAR  page 4

    (All Models 1948 thru 1954

    Except 1C, 1D, 2C, 2D and 3D)


    ·         I measured the new glass and it is the same as the old (B/S 14x30x1/4)

    ·         Do I need to remove/adjust the glass channel before trying to install the glass?

    ·         I checked the Hudson Manuals Tech index for additional installation information

    ·         Scanned the club “Open Forum”  INSTRUCTIONS AND TIPS FOR IDEAS

    ·         Checked window channel installation instructions  (possible interference)

    ·         Reviewed various on-line Hudson window install/repair comments

    I am sure that I am not the only person to have encountered this issue.  Any additional help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time


  • All, I finally was able to install my rear door windows. The window channel must be installed after the glass is already installed.

  • Thank you for the update