36T voltage regulator

My 36 T has a GAR 4702 Generator original to the car model 61 no radio. I have located a Auto Lite GAR 4701 generator that came with a 36T  with a radio. If I use this generator I know I have to change the voltage cut out switch that I have  now to a two step voltage regulator. My question is what is the Auto-Lite part number and where can I find one of these regulators?


  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser
    I have a 1937 Terraplane regulator I could let you have.
  • Thanks but after doing some further research I found I need an Auto -Lite TC-4304A two step regulator. In 37 Hudson went with a different generator/regulator set-up. Although it may work with the GAR 4701 generator I don't kinow. Anyone know wher I could get a TC-4304A or equivalent regulator?