Looking for a paid Hudson Stepdown Mentor in FL

I have a 1952 Pacemaker that needs some work. I was feeling a little overwhelmed and thought about selling it, but I have decided instead to try and find a Hudson guy within a few hours of me that could teach me how to repair the car myself. I am not a complete idiot, I just learn 100X faster when I learn hands on and am confident I am doing things correctly.
Overall my Hudson is in good shape. The most important things that need to done are the rearend needs help and it needs a new timing chain. I'd like to find a bolt in Dana to replace the Hudson rear, but I'm not completely against repairing the original. I'd like to find someone with a properly equipped shop so I can bring the car to you. I'd be able to work 2-3 days a week. I am very easy going and I don't get upset about anything and I don't really get along with tense angry serious people lol... I guess that's about it.
Once the mechanical work is done, I will also need help with trim and a complete interior. I can always find someone else who specializes in that, so that is not important at the moment.
Once my 52 is done, I'm going to start building my 1954 and if all goes well, I'll probably be seeking help on it as well.
Thanks for reading!


  • eddiehudson
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    You should join the Orange Blossom Chapter
  • I've had my MO and app for a while now, but with my car not drive-able, I wasn't that motivated, but I plan on sending it all in this week.
  • Contact Kerry Dancy in Wellborne , Florida. Good guy .
  • Lance said:
    Contact Kerry Dancy in Wellborne , Florida. Good guy .

    Thanks... I will.
  • BigSky
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    InlineEric, I sincerely applaud your effort to learn & find a mentor.  If I didn’t have one locally & a couple buddies on line, I would never have been able to get my Hudson’s on the road.  Be persistent it will pay off!
  • Thanks BigSky... I'm going to do my best. While I'm at it I'm thinking about taking a 2 day metal shaping class when I am in Detroit.
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    Sent you an e-mail----

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    Inline, your email bounces back, address not working
  • Kdancy said:
    Inline, your email bounces back, address not working

    It should be working now.