King pins and upper A arm bushings needed for ‘47 pickup

I took my ‘47 pickup out for a drive today and am really unhappy with slop in the front end.  I came home and jacked up the front and the driver’s side upper A arm seems to have a lot of movement.  The king pin didn’t show movement on the driver’s side.  The passenger side king pin showed movement, as did the upper A arm.  I can’t have any of this.  

Are there sources for king pins other than eBay?  I checked Windricks, and don’t see any A arm bushings.  Are there any vendors providing those parts now?  As long as I’m going to take everything apart I might as well replace it all.   I simply don’t remember what I did 25 years ago when I had this truck down to the bare frame.

Thanks in advance. Tom


  • Try Kanter's that's where I got mine for my 47 Super Six.
    Kanter Auto Products, Vintage, Antique, & Classic Auto Parts
  • Tom, Tell me what you need.  704 792 911zero
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    Tom the following is from my webpage

    SUSPENSION PARTS Rare Parts, Inc. manufactures and distributes steering and suspension parts and components including the obsolete and hard-to-find suspension parts for domestic and import cars and trucks from 1930 to the current year. Rare Parts, Inc. sells worldwide to customers in the automotive trade from our location in Stockton California. Over 600,000 suspension parts in stock .

     Ken Cates
  • Thanks Tom.
  • For some strange reason, I’ve never purchased a parts manual in the 26 or 27 years that I’ve owned this truck.  

    This issue with the front end gave me an excuse to go visit my good friend Erwin Sanchez-Flores.  I knew he’d have the parts manual.  Using his manuals I now have the correct parts numbers and have ordered from Lance.

    Lance says he has all the bushings and king pins.  I’m hoping I won’t find anything else worn out when I take the front end apart.

    Erwin did let me borrow  some homemade tools he has used as substitutes for tools mentioned in the shop manual. I’d like to make duplicates of the factory tools.

     I’m an  amateur machinist —- I figure that I can make anything.  Does anyone here have drawings or measurements of tools labeled as J-1360, or J-1860,or J-1862 as illustrated on page 223 in the 1942 to 1947 Shop Manual?

    Thanks. Tom